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Rafael Zubizarreta, who works on Quality control at Linnemann Realty.

Rafael Zubizarreta

Director of Coolness

Rafael was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the US in 1961. He served his country for 20 years in the U.S. Army encompassing a year in Vietnam, six months in Saudi Arabia, and tours in Korea and Germany. In 1994 he retired right here at Fort Hood and settled down in Killeen, Texas with his wife Irene and their three children. Rafael then worked for Walmart Distribution for ten years before he transitioned into real estate and came on board with Linnemann Realty as an Inspector in April of 2005. Rafael speaks fluent Spanish, knows the military and Fort Hood like the back of his hand, and has resided in the Killeen area for over 17 years.


About Rafael

Which is more important: what you say or how you say it?

Always how you say it

Favorite junk food?


Worst movie?


Zodiac sign?


Favorite sport? Team?

Houston Texans – Football

Pet Peeve?

When people are late

Favorite movie?


Most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

The beaches in Cuba

Favorite Band?


Dogs or Cats?


Favorite holiday?

I share a birthday with my granddaughter, so December 2!

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