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October 2023 Market Update

https://youtu.be/Ui6uHuWZJCY Hey, it’s time for your market update with Mike here at Linnemann Realty, talking about our rental market. and reaching out to all our property owners who have their properties in our care. We’ve got a growing rent list right now. It is not anything unusual; it happens from time to time. I’ve checked […]

The Build, Part IV: Slab

In the last entry we covered civil, and truly only scratched the surface (pun intended). Since that writing, we finished all the underground utility work and passed the city inspections with flying colors. The power pole has been set and connected by Oncor so we have electric service as needed. With the civil work complete […]

The Build, Part III: The Civil

It’s been a whole minute since my last entry, and that’s primarily due to being locked in the slow, agonizing process of waiting. There’s a lot of that in projects like this. Planning a multi-story building that requires multiple engineers, an architect, a designer, a lender, your local government, and independent subcontractors from all over […]

The Build, Part II

In the first chapter, we discussed planning and assembling the team. Now we can move on to figuring out how to pay for it. Even with the largest commercial projects, you always begin with a “projected” budget. Or, what most folks would call a guess. No matter how vague, this is where it always begins. […]

Let’s Build Something Cool

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson There’s so much wisdom in that one statement, and it rings true in so many fields. Most commercial construction ventures are painstakingly planned out, from site location down to the most minute details. And yet, invariably, you’ll see every one of […]

This Show Must Go On

If you know me then you know I’m a huge supporter of our Vive Les Arts Community Theatre. I’ve been on and off the board for years and still volunteer for almost every show. Beyond entertainment, it brings an entirely unique educational experience for both kids and adults and it allows anyone, and I mean […]

To the Moon: A Love Story

You can pretty much love anything in this world:  other people, food, surfing, a pair of shoes, you name it.  The anthropomorphic nature of our species makes it common to love objects, infusing them with human traits and characteristics to the point where we imagine that this “being” is actually capable of receiving our affectations.  […]

The Gateway to Progress

Given that all of our news lately is so depressing, I want to take a moment to talk about something good. Is it poor timing to write about great things when the world is still dealing with such weighty issues? Perhaps, but I think some of us out there are ready to hear a different […]