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How do i get my Rental deposit back?

Return that form!

You have five (5) days from your lease date to return the Move-In Condition Form. It’s critically important that we have that form back so you don’t get charged for the pre-existing damages to the property. And remember, there’s no such thing as too much information. If it doesn’t look right, put it on the form and be specific! 

Let's Make this easy...

The most common problem we see with moving out and security deposits is improper cleaning and low-quality carpet cleaning. We want this to go well, and so do you, so how about we offer you a guarantee that’s best for all parties. We have a list of preferred vendors who handle cleaning and carpet cleaning. While they are independent companies, they work with us enough to know our standards. We guarantee that if you use any of our currently approved vendors for carpet cleaning and for general cleaning, you won’t have any problem passing your move-out inspection. It’s that simple. As long as there are no other repairs needed, and if you use our professional cleaning teams and carpet cleaners, you will move to your new destination without incident. 

Hang it right!

Too often we walk into a newly vacated home and find HUGE bolts in walls, large nails, or other hardware that was used to hang pictures or artwork that could have been hung with something much smaller. Many smaller pictures can be hung with basic finishing nails. Other, heavier pieces can be hung with wall hooks. Both of these will leave minimal markings on the walls when removed, and will save you a headache when you move out. 

spot painting. Yes or no?

Yes, it’s a good idea to spot paint if you’ve done damage to the existing paint, but in many cases we find someone’s spot painting efforts had to be redone. That’s a situation that neither of us wants. It’s very important that if you spot paint, have the paint professionally matched to your existing paint. Sometimes if you have a lot of damage to one wall, it’s a good idea to just paint that whole wall. 

Hire only professionals

The carpets in the home have to be professionally cleaned, and cleaned well. There are companies out there that will offer to clean your carpets for a budget price, but many times we’ve found their work is not up to par, and the carpets have to be cleaned again at the resident’s expense. Whatever you do, don’t jump at the lowest price carpet cleaner as it will wind up costing you more than if you had hired the right guy the first time. 

Slow down and move carefully!

Way too frequently we see homes or apartments that look great at the final inspection, except for that one corner that looks like it got hit with a dresser, and probably because it got hit with a dresser! Please move your things in and out with care. One good, solid shot with heavy furniture to a sheetrock corner can and will cause damage that will have to be repaired at your expense, and it’s not cheap. 

Leave those utilities on!

Remember you’re required to leave your utilities on for five (SJ days after you vacate, especially if there’s work to be done. If we have to turn on the power and water it will cost you more than having left them on yourself. 

Patch it right!

Ok, so it’s time to move and you need to plug up the holes you made with the nails and screws you put in the walls. Yes, that is required, but too many people do it wrong and make the problem worse. As it is, you have a small nail hole in the wall. Whatever you do DO NOT make it worse by spackling over it with a spackling trowel or a knife. The best way to plug a nail hole? Just put a dab of spackle on your finger and very gently rub your finger over the hole. The hole will be plugged and you won’t rub a big, white smudge down the wall. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’ll get you past the inspection. Please ask about this one if you have any questions at all. How you cover the holes is even more important than covering them at all! 

Don't forget the outside!

Ok, you’ve done a great job on the inside. Now, let’s take a quick survey of the outside. If there is any trash or debris, take a few seconds to pick it up and bag it. Please mow and edge your yard and trim any plants or shrubs that look like they are getting out of hand! If you have any oil stains on the driveway that were not documented when you moved in, please have these power washed. Finally, look at the walls, windows and screens around your home and the patio area if you have one. If they are dirty or need attention, the few minutes it takes to clean them will save you money in the long run. 

Linnemann Realty is committed to being the best. We welcome your feedback and your input and wish you the best living experience of your life while in our care.