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Rentals FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rental House Services.

The following FAQ is written for prospective rental tenants. At Linnemann Realty, our goal is to ensure both parties feel comfortable with their decision to work with our team. This FAQ is to help you understand the process and will likely create additional questions from you. Please feel free to call our offices in Killeen Texas and we will be happy to address your concerns. More than anything, our goal is to exceed your expectations and we look forward to working with you. 

Like more forward-thinking companies, we are making every effort to do all of our business electronically. This is especially important when it comes to paying your rent. Our website offers an online payment portal that is FREE to use and extremely convenient. You can pay your rent from your phone and even set up a recurring charge to your account so it automatically pays on time every month. This is our primary method for rent collections.

We don’t take cash and would prefer not to collect rents in person at all. In fact, when you sign your application and lease we will make it clear to you that we intend to do business electronically. If you wish to pay in person we will assess an additional $20 processing fee for physical, in-person payments.

Be prepared to use your phone or home computer to pay your rent to Linnemann Realty. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s the best way for us to work together for the years that you’ll be with us.

Please note: rents are due on the first and late any time after the 3rd. Late fees and the due dates are strictly enforced, and the fees for paying late (or bouncing a check) are very prohibitive. Be sure to make an effort to pay your rent on time. Just another reason to use the auto-pay option via the website.

Application fees and security deposits must be paid in certified funds (cashier’s check, money order). No cash or personal checks are allowed for these type of transactions. While we do accept credit cards, we assess a 3% convenience fee to do so. 

Aside from paying for the application and filling out the application completely, please be prepared to provide 1) copies of your most recent paystubs, and 2) contact information for your landlord(s) for the previous 2 years. We must have ALL the information required in order to begin processing your application.

Once your application is approved you must submit the full security deposit to hold the property. Once received you have officially secured the property for yourself. Please note that, after 72 hours, the security deposit is NOT refundable.

You can come straight to us for that! Tired of the hassle of driving all over town to deliver deposits and sign agreements for utility providers? We can get you set up for electric, water, cable, phone, and internet right here through the offices of Linnemann Realty. Just ask anyone in our Leasing Department for assistance and they’ll get the process started for you. That way, all of your utilities can be up and running when you arrive.

Too easy. Just go through your tenant portal on this website and submit a work order. All work orders must be in writing unless it’s a dire emergency, then give us a call AND submit a work order. Otherwise, for all other work orders, please submit them through the website and we’ll get back with you to determine our next course of action.

Yes we do. If you receive military PCS orders (temporary duty and leaving the military do NOT qualify), then please submit a copy with your 30-day notice to vacate.

There are a lot of rules concerning how you move-out and leave the property. First, we need written notice at least 30 days in advance of vacating the property, and it must be at the end of your lease term. Vacate notices are NOT accepted if the resident owes money, so be sure to settle up your account before submitting a notice to vacate. Move-out procedures are complex so please ask your CSR for further clarification on cleaning and maintenance policies before you begin the process.