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October 2023 Market Update

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Hey, it’s time for your market update with Mike here at Linnemann Realty, talking about our rental market. and reaching out to all our property owners who have their properties in our care. We’ve got a growing rent list right now. It is not anything unusual; it happens from time to time. I’ve checked our competitors online, and everybody’s got a growing rent list. It’s following the sales market, which has slowed down, and now our rental market is also slowing down a little bit as well. It is not an emergency, just food for thought. If you’ve got vacant units or a vacant unit, you might want to consider a rent special or a slight reduction in the rent amount. We represent a multiple property owner who had four vacancies and wisely took the rents down just a little bit on each available unit. We got all four of them filled up quickly. So a slight reduction in rent or a small rent special, some kind of incentive to get somebody in the door, can make a big difference in getting your units filled up. This is Mike with your market update.

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